I also take this poison pill. Don't like it, but the evils seem better
kept at bay using proper hold down tape on the correct side of the


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I'm on this side of the poison diet.  An additinal aid of hold down tape
(ifd done with consistancy) is to tell the next user if the tape is
heads or tails out by affixing it to the top(heads) or bottom (tails) of
the reel.

Steve Smolian

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> At 02:32 PM 2008-01-17, Richard Warren wrote:
>>Hi Folks,
>>The Grinch in me sees this discussion and harks back to research for
>>AAA Committee that resulted in our recommending against the use of any

>>sort of hold-down or splicing tape (except for temporary use of
>>tape to make or extend leaders that are too short for a tape player) 
>>because of the danger of bleeding adhesives (and I've never found any
>>of splicing or hold-down tape that did not bleed goo onto tape
surfaces or 
>>that was peelable without some sort of deposit or damage). I wish my 
>>experience were more helpful, but facts are facts.
> From another Grinchly Richard:
>   --Shipping tapes without hold down is very risky as the outer wraps
> come unwound
>   --I have received far too many tapes with damage to the outer 20+
> due to them becoming unwound. It also appears that loosely wound wraps
> tape are more likely to dry out and cup.
> I fear it's a matter of picking your poison. Whatever you do, please
> not use the 3M white plastic hold-down clips--at least in the mode
> they go over the tape pack and often cause edge damage.
> Regards,
> Richard (aka Richard d'Grinch II)
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