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Sent: Wednesday, January 09, 2008 8:23 AM
Subject: German Eszett in Authority Records

The addition of new MARC 21 characters in authority records has been much
appreciated by cataloguers in need of these. Unfortunately, our enthusiasm
in using them has outstripped the actual characters that were implemented.
The German Eszett was not among these MARC21 characters.

We have had a rash of records using this character since the original
announcement went out. Because records using this character fail
contribution to the LC/NACO Master File, OCLC staff have been doing their
best to revise the records in their contribution workflow. NACO members then
attempt to replace the Eszett and the cycle starts over again.

Please do not include the German Eszett in authority records until we are
able to implement it as a MACR21 character.

Anthony R.D. Franks
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