Jane, the cases I've seen at Wisconsin mostly have daos at the c0x  
level, following the did. But it sounds like you may be providing a  
single collection-level link. In that case, I think you're right that  
it should fall beneath the archdesc or perhaps archdesc/scopecontent.


On January 28, at 10:38 AM, Jane E. Stevenson wrote:

> Hi all,
> We are currently developing the means to add images to the Archives  
> Hub
> ( by using the <dao> tag.
> I am curious as to why all of the examples that I have seen,  
> including the
> examples in the Tag Library, put the <dao> into the <did> area. As  
> the <did>
> is for core, summary information about the archive, I would have  
> thought
> that the <dao> element for images of the archives would more  
> rightly reside
> outside of this within the main <archdesc>, especially for digital
> surrogates of paper-based archives.
> Do most people put the <dao> within the <did> and if so, why is it  
> seen as
> core information?
> Any thoughts would be appreciated!
> cheers,
> Jane.
> Jane Stevenson
> The Archives Hub
> Mimas
> University of Manchester

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