A few announcements from the EAD Roundtable.

1) The minutes from our August meeting are now online:

2) Based on the suggestions from the surveys distributed at the August
meeting, some questions we may raise in the coming year include the
expansion of focus of the EAD Roundtable to include other emerging
archival encoding standards, and continued updating of the EAD Help
Pages (

Since it is the role of SAA's EAD Roundtable to update the EAD Help
Pages, I would like to start by extending an invitation to everyone to
look over the Help pages and feel free to contact me with any updates or
new materials for any of the sections.

Second, I would like to expand the "Training" section of the pages
( If people have
training materials that they would like to share, or if there are local
or regional workshops or training resources beyond the ones listed on
the page, we'd love to know about them. It could be a handout, or a
Power Point, or a website, or anything that you use to instruct others
about EAD and its implementation.

Jill Katte and myself will also be working on developing a brief,
one-page flow-chart of sorts (if this is possible) as a sort of "Getting
Started with EAD" or overview document.

Suggestions are welcome. Please send any training materials or links to 
me at [log in to unmask] and/or to Jill Katte at [log in to unmask]

3) SAA has now created an email list specifically for the EAD 
Roundtable.  If you are an SAA member and want to manage your lists, 
please visit 
and log in to your SAA account.  As a test, I am sending this message to 
that list as well. We will see what happens. I will continue to use the 
EAD Listserv as a way to reach members of the SAA EAD Roundtable. But 
there may be a role for this new list sometime in the future.

Happy New Year to everyone!
Jennie A. Levine
Curator for Historical Manuscripts
Archives and Manuscripts Department
2208 C Hornbake Library
University of Maryland
College Park, MD 20742
(301)314-2709 FAX
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