I understand your point, Peter. However, I think retired code elements 
that have been included in macrolanguage groups should be handled 
separately, or at least in distinction from current mappings. They may 
require a separate table, or alternatively, an indication of retired 
status in the one mapping table.


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2008-01-16 10:43 AM
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Re: The 2007 round of changes for Part 3 have been decided

Joan: you removed the macrolanguage mapping from cxx (Northern Zhuang) to 
zha (Zhuang), evidently because cxx has been retired. I would not have 
thought that retiring an ID causes the macrolanguage mapping to go away. 
If there are existing uses of cxx and zha, those should not be affected 
apart from a recommendation to transition from using cxx to other, more 
granularly-divided IDs. This represents a stability problem: we don’t want 
to make changes that can invalidate existing usage.
In general, I’m inclined to think that macrolanguage mappings should 
rarely if ever be removed once defined.
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Subject: The 2007 round of changes for Part 3 have been decided

Dear JAC, 

The decisions for most of the 258 change requests submitted for the 2007 
round have been finalized, and are summarized in the attached report. The 
same report is posted on the home page of the 639-3 site. There are 10 
remaining requests that are not yet decided, one of which relates to a ISO 
639-2 code element (was being considered as a macrolanguage possibility), 
another which should probably be considered by the whole JAC. For the 
other eight, I would appreciate the input of members of the JAC, as well. 
For some of them, I have additional research information, which I will 
forward in separate memos. 

All the requests still pending can be seen at: 
(you will see that there is still the matter of Medieval Greek still 
pending; I will revive discussion on that shortly, once "other" 
collections is finished) 


Joan Spanne 
ISO 639-3/RA
SIL International
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