To ISO 639 JAC members,

As many of you will realize, this item has been discussed extensively on the IETF-Languages list. Personally I tend to agree with Rebecca when it comes to how we should respond to this request, but people who have followed the IETF discussion more closely than I have, may wish to present some of the arguments.

The JAC may also wish to discuss how to draw relevant borders: We certainly don't want to register "Texan" as an additial name for English! The present case may be similar to Catalan/Valencian/Balear?

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Håvard Hjulstad
  Standard Norge / Standards Norway
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Subject: ISO 639-2 Language Code Change Request (fwd)

Here is a request for an additional language name. According to the Ethnologue entry for France, Alsatian is a dialect of Alemannic (Swiss German).  So an entry for Alsatian would properly belong in the part of
ISO-639 for dialects. Do you want to respond to the person? Or do you think we need to discuss this in the JAC?

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Subject: ISO 639-2 Language Code Change Request

ISO 639-2 Language Code Change Request.

English name of Language:   Swiss German
French name of Language:   alémanique
iso_639_2_b:   gsw
iso_639_2_t:   gsw
change_requested:   This request is to add \"Alsatian\" as a language name to this entity. 

This request is in synch with the Ethnologue page for gsw referenced by ISO 639-3. I am a member of the IETF language tags working group and the inclusion of this name will help users looking for a code for Alsatian in the IANA registry.
Submitter's name:   Karen Broome
Submitter's email :   [log in to unmask]
Submitter's status :   I am in charge of metadata standards at Sony Pictures and work with the LTRU group for the IETF. I also work with many audiovisual technical standards that require codes for dubbed and subtitled languages. I am the original registrant of the gsw tag.