From: "Tor Arne Dahl" <[log in to unmask]>
> 1) What is the status of the Bath context set at <URL:
> >? This is not among the registered
> context sets at the SRU website.

The Bath profile was depricated. This was a decision from the March 2006
meeting, see:
The useful parts of the Bath profile are absorbed in the bibliographic
context set (see below).

> 2) What is the status of the MARC context set at <URL:
> >? This
> is among the registered context sets, but seems a bit complex and
> unfriendly to implementers outside the library domain.

It is a specialized context set, for use by those who want to search MARC
records. It is not widely used nor expected to ever be widely used, but
there was interest expressed in a specification for directly searching MARC
records, and that's why the set was defined.

> 3) What is the status of the bib context set, described at <URL:
> >?
> This document has been a draft since June 2006. Any plans to make a
> final version of this in the near future?

Yes, this has been dormant for quite awhile, but it is intended to be
formalized in conjunction with the OASIS process. That work is now very
focused on an initial core set of working draft documents to be available
within two months, including abstract models and initial protocol bindings.
Following that we can focus more closely on application-specific work and
the bibliographic set will be high on the list.