I've started looking into the SRU standard documents again, trying to 
finalize a first version of the Norwegian NorZIG profile. We're making a 
profile for the domain of bibliographic search. I'm a bit confused and 
would be pleased if someone could help me with the following questions:

1) What is the status of the Bath context set at <URL: >? This is not among the registered 
context sets at the SRU website.

2) What is the status of the MARC context set at <URL: >? This 
is among the registered context sets, but seems a bit complex and 
unfriendly to implementers outside the library domain.

3) What is the status of the bib context set, described at <URL: >? 
This document has been a draft since June 2006. Any plans to make a 
final version of this in the near future?

Best regards,

Tor Arne Dahl

Tor Arne Dahl
Oslo University College
Faculty of Journalism, Library and Information Science