Tor Arne Dahl writes:

 > I've started looking into the SRU standard documents again, trying
 > to finalize a first version of the Norwegian NorZIG profile. We're
 > making a profile for the domain of bibliographic search. I'm a bit
 > confused and would be pleased if someone could help me with the
 > following questions:
 > 1) What is the status of the Bath context set at <URL:
 > >? This is not among the
 > registered context sets at the SRU website.

Hi, Tor.  That set was made in an attempt to make the simplest
possible SRU/W specification that could express all of the searches
described in the Bath Z39.50 profile.  I think it succeeds pretty well
in that, but I don't think it's been used much, or maybe at all.

I think it's a mistake that it's not registered at the SRU site: Ray,
please can you add it?

 > 2) What is the status of the MARC context set at <URL:
 > >?
 > This is among the registered context sets, but seems a bit complex
 > and unfriendly to implementers outside the library domain.
 > 3) What is the status of the bib context set, described at <URL:
 > >?  This document has been a draft since June 2006. Any plans to
 > make a final version of this in the near future?

These two initiatives started as part of a push to "sort out"
bibliographic searching in SRU, making it completely rigorous.  But
I'm not sure anyone cared enough to make them happen -- DC searching
seems to be 9/10ths of the game these days -- and I've not heard
anything about either effort for a long time now.

I think if you're making a profile, then the first of these -- the
older Bath profile -- is probably the most practical approach to
take.  But that could just be author bias :-)

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