I would like to inform you that we will present the use and functions of the
MEX tool set during a meeting at the Federal Archives of Germany. The
meeting will be held April 23, 2008 10:00-16:30 in Koblenz.

The MEX tool set (MidosaEditor for XML standards) is available at
SourceForge in English and German for Windows and MAC. It was developed by
the two projects <daofind> and <daofind+> with support from the Andrew W.
Mellon Foundation, New York. MEX can be used for capturing and editing EAD,
EAC and METS files and for producing complete integrated HTML presentations
of online finding aids with digitised records in one step.

During the meeting the results of the project will be presented followed by
an introduction into the main functions and a demonstration of some examples
of finding aids with integrated digital images produced with the software. A
further presentation explains how to define profiles of EAD, EAC and METS
for specific working situations.

In a second part of the meeting examples of practical use cases of the
software will be shown, f.i. for the retro conversion of legacy finding
aids, for the preparation of descriptive data from the database BASYS of the
Federal Archives for the Internet, for the preparation of a model for a
gateway to German archives, and in an educational project of archival

The working language will be German. Further information and the full
program are available at: If you are interested please
register until April 14 at [log in to unmask]
best wishes
Angelika Menne-Haritz