Interesting question, as I was just talking about this concept with my intro class.  It is a difficult concept for my students to understand and yet, for some of them this is a really key issue.  Most can't even articulate what it is that they are pondering, but I would argue that for some, it is a concept they have been wrestling with for years as they have used the OPAC with varrying levels of success and it is a concept that attracts them to the profession and to enroll in cataloging and database classes.

I would be interested to explore how to cancel their curiosity in more meaningful ways than simply to point them at chapter 13.  Anyone have suggested readings?  software tools?  blogs?  etc?

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> How many of you teach AACR2 Chapter 13 : Analysis? If you do teach it, 
> do you you give it the same amount of time in class as you do other 
> chapters? If you do not teach it or give it less time than other chapters, 
> would you mind saying why? 
> Thank you for considering my questions. 
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