Hi Bryan,

I do.  I teach it in my Advanced Cataloging class, in the context of whole-part relationships and how they are treated in cataloging (some are shown in notes; some in name-title added entries).  I think it is important to cover in this light, given the (possible?) inclusion of rules for FRBR relationship types in RDA.  Whole part is an important relationship, challenging to model (I've had fun talking to Ed O'Neill about this, and to Steve Shadle about modeling relationships between serials - issues - individual articles - that's an interesting conversation!).


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Subject: [eduCAT] AACR2 Chapter 13 : Analysis

How many of you teach AACR2 Chapter 13 : Analysis? If you do teach it,
do you you give it the same amount of time in class as you do other
chapters? If you do not teach it or give it less time than other chapters,
would you mind saying why?

Thank you for considering my questions.

Bryan Campbell
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