I'm sorry, I phrased that badly. I didn't mean that we looked at in within the context of serials, but that we discuss the chapter on analysis in the same week as the chapter on serials. We look at them both in the context of multipart items, serials being one kind, monographic composite another. I've found that if we discuss analytics after we've discussed serials, students grasp the concept quite readily. However, the majority of the time is spent on continuing resources.
I'm lucky that I teach at a school that requires a basic cataloging course and that offers an advanced course. Frankly, I could do with an intermediate as well. There just isn't time, even in a semester course, to really teach all of these concepts in depth. For better or worse, I focus on the ones they are most likely to use on the job and right now, after basic monographs and continuing resources, that's electronic resources (most of which are continuing) and non-textual materials. 
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Do you also teach Analysis outside of the context of serials? That is, do
you teach about creating component parts or in-analytic records for
monographic composite works as an alternative to putting the information
into a contents note?

I ask because I have read and heard that in practice Chapter 13 is the
least applied chapter, especially in the context that I mention, and it
seems that one only reads about Analysis in relation to serials or series.
I know about the LCRIs for Chapter 13 that have been in effect since 1989
(esp. the LCRI for 13.5), so I was curious to know to what extent and in
what context catalogers learn about Analysis these days.
Bryan Campbell
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On Sun, 24 Feb 2008 08:39:11 -0600, Suzanne Stauffer <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

>We look at it in Advanced Cataloging, along with serials. I don't give it
as much time as other chapters because, after learning about serials, the
students find Analysis simple and logical.
>Why do you ask?
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>Subject: [eduCAT] AACR2 Chapter 13 : Analysis
>How many of you teach AACR2 Chapter 13 : Analysis? If you do teach it,
>do you you give it the same amount of time in class as you do other
>chapters? If you do not teach it or give it less time than other chapters,
>would you mind saying why?
>Thank you for considering my questions.
>Bryan Campbell
>VDOT Research Library
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