Dear JAC,

The remaining 10 change requests I mentioned in my message reporting to the JAC last month (message date 2008-01-16) are now mostly settled. For a couple of them, I would like discussion from the JAC. One of the, request 2007-064 ( proposes changing the scope of the existing code element for Khasi [kha] to that of macrolanguage, with two member languages, Khasi (individual language) [xix] and Lyngngam [lyg], both of which are new. I had some discussion about this case with the proposer, around the question of whether a macrolanguage really is warranted, and we concluded that, yes, it is. It is also possible that the Khasi macrolanguage should include one or both of the two existing code elements, Pnar [pbv] and War-Jaintia [aml], which are called Khasian languages. The speakers of these two languages are also frequently grouped together with the speakers of Khasi (individual language), and generically called "Khasi," even using this label among themselves. I will work with the proposer to undertake this expansion of the macrolanguage membership if it is settled that the macrolanguage is appropriate.

Any objection to this change of scope for [kha] to macrolanguage? It does not actually affect Part 2 in any visible way.

I ask for a quick response because the IETF is awaiting my completion of as many of the remaining requests as possible, so that those can also be incorporated into the last revision of RFC 4645, the Initial Language Subtag Registry.