I subscribe to Travelzoo and the weekly deals come out on Wednesdays.  The 
list just came out and I was able to get a room for an incredible rate 
($109) via the link  below.  They go quickly though, so you might want to 
move quickly if interested.  This hotel is a block away from a stop on the 
Metro red line--I believe it's the zoo stop.  --Joan Schuitema

$109 -- Washington, D.C., 4-Diamond Hotel (Regularly $389)

Source: Omni Shoreham Hotel

At 12:57 PM 3/11/2008, you wrote:
>To BIBCO libraries,
>The annual meeting of the BIBCO and CONSER Operations Committees will be 
>held May 1-2 at the Library of Congress, James Madison Building, 
>Washington, DC.  BIBCO participants typically are busy all day Thursday, 
>and only the morning on Friday.  The meetings are open to any BIBCO 
>institution wishing to send a delegate.  The Governance Document of the 
>PCC calls for 10 official BIBCO representatives on the Operations 
>Committee.  The BIBCO OpCo page is under revision to show the current 
>Les Hawkins, CONSER Coordinator, and I will be drafting the agenda for the 
>joint and separate sessions.  The discussions are likely to include the 
>hot topics of our times, including, but not limited to:
>PCC options for series in CONSER and BIBCO records
>Integrating Resources
>Selected items from the LCWG on the Future of Bibliographic Control
>We welcome your thoughts on any topics you'd like to include in these 
>meetings.  Please send your suggestions as soon as possible.
>We've been unable to reserve a block of rooms for these meetings, so 
>you'll need to make your reservations for hotel, B&B, etc.  As in the 
>past, OCLC will be supporting travel and/or lodging costs for the 10 
>official BIBCO representatives up to the maximum of $400.  The reps pay 
>their expenses and receive voucher forms at our OpCo meeting to return to 
>You'll see some major changes in DC south of the Library of Congress in 
>the Navy Yard area, due to the Nationals' new baseball stadium.  There 
>will be a home series with Pittsburgh May 1-4, so it will create activity 
>that will be new to all of us.  Here's a site I found with info that tells 
>what's here and what's coming:
>The Capitol Hill Suites adjacent to the Madison Bldg. is undergoing the 
>long-promised renovation.  The nearer of the two buildings is a 
>construction site, and I see new windows with the stickers still intact.
>It could be a good idea to find a place near a Metro stop on the Orange or 
>Blue line, even in Virginia.
>We'll provide more specifics on the meeting agenda and room locations by 
>mid or late April.  We look forward to seeing you.
>Carolyn Sturtevant
>BIBCO Coordinator
>Library of Congress
>202-252-2082 fax
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