Perhaps I can answer this for the whole list.  

Robert Bremer and I will bring reimbursement forms with us to the OpCo
meetings.  You take those home and then mail in the reimbursement form,
with receipts, to OCLC.  OCLC will cover up to $400 of expenses as
Carolyn notes.  OCLC will mail a check to you (or to your institution if
you ask us to reimburse them) after we receive your receipts.  

If you have specific questions about how this works, please feel free to
ask me.  


Cynthia M. Whitacre
Manager, WorldCat Quality & Partner Content Dept.
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Hi Carolyn

Thanks very much for your note to Bob and Jim!

OCLC covering lodging is new to me but would be great given the cost of
my b&b in high season. How does this work?


> We've been unable to reserve a block of rooms for these meetings, so 
> you'll need to make your reservations for hotel, B&B, etc.  As in the 
> past, OCLC will be supporting travel and/or lodging costs for the 10 
> official BIBCO representatives up to the maximum of $400.  The reps 
> pay their expenses and receive voucher forms at our OpCo meeting to 
> return to OCLC.
> Carolyn Sturtevant
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> Library of Congress
> 202-707-4551
> 202-252-2082 fax
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