I checked the EAD list archives and found nothing recent on this topic, so I thought I'd ask you all. Recently I purchased SAA's EAD Tips & Tricks package. As always when Michael Fox is involed, it was a very valuable presentation, and I was excited to try out his tips and tricks. When I emailed the SAA for the stylesheets and batch files, I promptly received two files: a text file named function_list.txt and one stylesheet named MJFMARC21slim2EAD.txt. I thought possibly my high-security email provider stripped out the batch files, so I emailed the SAA and asked them to resend the package to a private email account. But I received the same two files.

For those of you who have bought and used EAD Tips & Tricks, is this what you received, or is there more to it? My interest is in converting EAD to MARC, so I may not use the MARC-to-EAD stylesheet at all. If more stylesheets and batch files are available, is there a way to get them?

Many thanks.


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