Hi Melodie-

I'm relatively new to teaching cataloging online myself (I've taught both online
and f-2-f courses) and some things that worked good for me teaching the distance
method are:
1.) provide scans of title pages and versos so students actually see the chief &
prescribed sources of information
2.) give quizzes through a distance learning program that lets them retake
quizzes several times so that they learn the correct answers if they do get any
3.) set up a discussion section in the distance learning program for Q&A and
plan to participate heavily in it

Also, check out Koha-with-Class provided by LibLime, as they host an ILS that
you can have students catalog records into

If you have the ability to stream/videocast/webinar your presentations, I would
suggest going that route...that's my next venture.

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I've been teaching the intro class as an adjunct for almost 9 years now
(!!) and am about to teach my first half online half live class. Having
never taught at ALL online (and having wondered even how doable it is
for this particular topic) I thought I would check here and see if
anyone has any basic tips to offer - or things to avoid. I'm not looking
for anyone to do my work for me ;) but thought if those who have done
the online version had anything to suggest it would be most welcome!!


Melodie Morgan Frances

Head of Cataloging

Graduate Theological Union

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