I'll soon post a list of readings that I have found in Library Literature 
on this topic. You might also be interested in reading the discussions on 
AUTOCAT. I searched the web archive using the search string (ethics AND 
(cataloging or cataloguing)). 

This is a question that I sent to someone I have corresponded with off-
list, but I address it also to you:

The few articles or postings on AUTOCAT that I have read mention the
ethical dilemmas that arise from outsourcing, cultural bias, bias in 
subject headings, the perils of having inexperienced staff (professional or 
non-professional), record nabbing, and UBC. In your experience, are there 
other perhaps newer ethical problems in cataloging that have not been 
addressed at all? 

Moving on, is there anything potentially unethical about relying so heavily 
on the practice of dumping table of contents information for proceedings or 
seminars into just a 505? So much of that information still ends up there, 
especially if its coming in through the ECIP program. Rarely are there 
corresponding access points elsewhere in the record. I know there are 
obvious benefits, but it also thwarts collocation. Do you perceive any 
other unintended consequences? For example, do you think that this practice 
could have an effect on those who do citation analyses to measure the 
expansion or contraction of a field or discipline? Might there be a problem 
with locking up what are essentially citations, absent corresponding access 
points, in a TOC? 

Thanks for considering these questions.

Bryan Campbell
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>>>> Bryan Campbell <[log in to unmask]> 3/10/2008 1:52 PM >>>
>I am curious to know if any of you teach on Ethics in Cataloging in 
>a direct way. That is, do you aside time in class to talk specifically 
>about ethical matters, perhaps in your advanced courses? Aside from the 
>occasional discussion on AUTOCAT and the few articles that I have found 
>in Library Literature, there does not seem to be much on the Ethics in 
>Cataloging. I just wonder how up-and-coming catalogers learn about it. 
>Thanks for considering my questions.
>Bryan Campbell
>VDOT Research Library
>Charlottesville, VA 
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