Hi Melodie,

I am still relatively new at teaching cataloging online, but one suggestion I can offer is to make sure you engage your online students as much as possible using the discussion forums, online chat, etc... In a physical classroom, you can often tell if a student is confused by looking at his/her face. But in an online classroom, it is hard to tell if your students aren't "getting it" until they turn in a horrendous assignment.  So I try to look for any signs of confusion and address them as soon as possible.  I would be interested to hear about how more "seasoned" online cataloging instructors deal with this situation.

Karen Snow
University of North Texas

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I've been teaching the intro class as an adjunct for almost 9 years now
(!!) and am about to teach my first half online half live class. Having
never taught at ALL online (and having wondered even how doable it is
for this particular topic) I thought I would check here and see if
anyone has any basic tips to offer - or things to avoid. I'm not looking
for anyone to do my work for me ;) but thought if those who have done
the online version had anything to suggest it would be most welcome!!




Melodie Morgan Frances

Head of Cataloging

Graduate Theological Union

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