I have excess law reviews for a public (i.e., government) or non-profit
(tax exempt) institution.

The receiving library must pay shipping. 

Please let us know by Wednesday, March 12th, if you are interested, and
email me directly.  

Here are the titles/ranges being offered:

California Law Review   Vol. 1- (1912-)

Catholic University Law Review  Vol. 1- (1950-)

Cleveland-Marshall Law Review (continued by: Cleveland State Law Review)
Vol. 1-18 (1952-69) Cleveland State Law Review (continues: Cleveland
Marshall Law Review) Vol. 18- (1969-)

Cornell Law Quarterly (continued by: Cornell Law Review)        Vol.
1-52 (1915-67)
Cornell Law Review (continues: Cornell Law Quarterly)   Vol. 53- (1967-)

Fordham Law Review      Vol. 27- 

The George Washington Law Review        Vol. 1- (1932-)

Hastings Law Journal    Vol. 1- (1949-)

Maryland Law Review     Vol. 1- (1936-)

Military Law Review     Vol. 1- 

Minnesota Law Review    Vol. 1- (1917-)

New York University Law Review   Vol. 40- (1965-)

SMU Law Review (continues: Southwestern Law Review)     Vol. 46- (1992-)
Southwestern Law Journal (continued by: SMU Law Review) Vol. 2-45
Texas Law and Legislation (continued by: Southwestern Law Journal) Vol 1

Southern California Law Review  Vol. 1- (1927-)

Stanford Law Review     Vol. 1- (1948-)

Texas Law Review        Vol. 1- (1922-)

University of Pennsylvania Law Review   Vol. 72- (1923-)

Vanderbilt Law Review   Vol. 1- (1947-)

Virginia Law Review     Vol. 18-, (1931-)

Wisconsin Law Review    Vol. 1- (1920-)

John D. Moore
Assistant Librarian for Public Services
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