On Wed, 12 Mar 2008, John Attig wrote:

> We would like to know whether your institution has a policy that every 
> NAR is checked by someone other than the cataloger who created the 
> record before it is contributed.  If so, do you feel that this level of 
> quality control is justified in terms of the errors identified?

We have some catalogers who have been declared independent from review and 
others who are under review.  The independent folks are free to create 
NARs and input them to OCLC without someone else looking at them.

Catalogers who are not independent give their records to one reviewer who 
has been assigned to them.  There are two of us who review records,

Our ultimate goal is to have all catalogers independent of review, but in 
the real world this has proved unattainable, as some catalogers have not 
proved capable of producing a high percentage of error-free records or do 
not do NACO records often enough to achieve a high level of proficiency. 
So some of our catalogers are under permanent review.  Others, who have 
been recently trained, are expected to achieve independence.

I guess what it comes down to is that freedom from review is decided on a 
case by case basis.

Adam Schiff
Principal Cataloger
University of Washington Libraries