I have been cataloging some books published in Sweden for which Swedish 
libraries have already input records in OCLC.  Since the language of 
cataloging of these Swedish libraries is Swedish, OCLC policy is to have 
us input a "parallel" record in English.

I'm wondering how best to cite a name heading found on one of these 
non-English records, since often the headings found includes dates that 
are not available otherwise and are used to break conflicts.  For example, 
the publication:

Management of wolf and lynx conflicts with human interests / Jens 

There is a record in Swedish (040 $b swe) for this book with the heading: 
Karlsson, Jens, 1972- Per OCLC policy, I will be inputting a new parallel 
record for this book and need to include the date in the heading to break 
a conflict with another name in the authority file.  I was thinking of 
combining the info on the heading found in OCLC into one 670 citation:

Management of wolf and lynx conflicts with human interests, 2007: $b t.p. 
(Jens Karlsson) Swedish OCLC bib. hdg. (Karlsson, Jens, 1972-)

Does this make sense?  Is there a better way to include the information on 
a heading found in OCLC for the same manifestation cataloged in a 
different language of cataloging?


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