We're a relatively small operation here at Oberlin College. All of the 
authority work comes to me (as both department head and sole librarian). 
Two of my catalogers will create NARs and place them in the save file. I 
then review and contribute these. Two other catalogers (one position is 
currently vacant) will submit paperwork (bib record and relevant 
information from the piece-in-hand) for me to create and contribute the 
NAR. I agree with Melanie that having a second pair of eyes looking over 
an authority record before contribution is a good practice.



John M. Sluk
Head, Monographs Dept.
Oberlin College Library
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John Attig wrote:
> Penn State is re-evaluating its procedures for contributing Name 
> Authority Records through NACO.  We would like to know whether your 
> institution has a policy that every NAR is checked by someone other 
> than the cataloger who created the record before it is contributed.  
> If so, do you feel that this level of quality control is justified in 
> terms of the errors identified?
>     John Attig
>     NACO Coordinator
>     Penn State