Dear all-- 

    The hob gobblin of small minds here, but that never stopped me in 
the past ....

    To follow up on John's comment below, and provide a nuance or two 
....  Although we have in recent years become the new "Kind and Caring 
NACO", there are a couple of conventions that we all follow so that 
information may be readily identified by subsequent users of our work.  
One of these is how the 670 "reads".  When doing training sessions, I 
always emphasize that one should understand more or less the 670 as follows:

    670   $a Here's the source where I looked: $b here's the place in 
the source where I looked (this is the info that I found when I looked 

    What some are proposing here is confusing variant/different _forms 
of the information_ with variant/different _sources_.   Different 
sources should be in different 670s.

    Otherwise, it lends the impression that the OCLC record is actually 
in the item in hand, as in the CIP hdg. in the work being cataloged.  In 
the latter case, it *should* be in the same 670 because all the info is 
indeed coming from the same "$a Here's the source where I looked".

    As an aside, I see no need to identify the language of the 
cataloging.  I throw my lot in with Mr. Franks.  Let's keep it simple 
and, just as important, clear to all.


john g marr wrote:
> On Thu, 20 Mar 2008, Daniel CannCasciato wrote:
>> I like Adams' attempt and intent to provide a single 670.
>>>  670 Management of wolf and lynx conflicts with human interests, 
>>> 2007: $b t.p. (Jens Karlsson) Swedish OCLC bib. hdg. (Karlsson, 
>>> Jens, 1972-)
>   Looks good, but it breaks "The Rules" by citing two different 
> sources of information (the book and OCLC) in the same field.
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