I am the Funnel Coordinator for the ND Funnel. I review newly trained 
catalogers in libraries around the state until they have successfully 
created simple and complex personal and corporate/conference entries. I 
have a spreadsheet to keep track of how many were created correctly the 
first time and how many needed corrections. I focus on explaining the LC 
policies and cite cataloging rules and LCRIs employed in creating the 
authority records. By the time they have done about 80 of each they 
should be creating headings correctly. At that point they are released 
to be independent but expected to consult with me if they have any 
questions. In my library, my one professional cataloger is independent 
for certain types of headings. My non-professional staff only create and 
save records which I review, edit, and add to the NACO database. I do 
explain rules, etc. but they are not expected to become independent.

As the reviews are done with each new person, the number of corrections 
needed are always high at the beginning and gradually improve with 
experience. It is very evident from experience that checking is 
necessary to maintain quality control. No one checks my work, but I 
often recheck selected records that I thought were particularly complex.


John Attig wrote:
> Penn State is re-evaluating its procedures for contributing Name 
> Authority Records through NACO.  We would like to know whether your 
> institution has a policy that every NAR is checked by someone other 
> than the cataloger who created the record before it is contributed.  
> If so, do you feel that this level of quality control is justified in 
> terms of the errors identified?
>     John Attig
>     NACO Coordinator
>     Penn State

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