We also follow essentially what Adam outlined in his response. Once they are independent for certain types of headings, catalogers are free to contribute records without further review. They are also welcome to consult with me or any of the other reviewers if they have any questions. Reviewers -- right now there are eight of us -- also serve on a committee that is charged with overseeing local NACO policies and procedures, among other things.


Rick Sarcia
Catalog Librarian/NACO Coordinator
Catalog & Metadata Services
Sterling Memorial Library
Yale University

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Subject: [PCCLIST] Review of NACO contributions

Penn State is re-evaluating its procedures for contributing Name
Authority Records through NACO.  We would like to know whether your
institution has a policy that every NAR is checked by someone other
than the cataloger who created the record before it is
contributed.  If so, do you feel that this level of quality control
is justified in terms of the errors identified?

        John Attig
        NACO Coordinator
        Penn State