We are in the last stages of completing the revision and our goal has been
to have it out around the middle of March-- so it is very close. All of
the changes are documented on the website (except there are a few last
revisions I need to make on the page):

We will release the data dictionary and report along with a draft version
of the schemas within the next few weeks (certainly by the end of
March). We will have a period of review for the schemas, since there is
some major restructuring. For the Data Dictionary, we have based changes
on the many comments we have gotten over a two year period or so after we
issued a call for comments. 

So stay tuned... 

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On Fri, 7 Mar 2008, Evan Owens wrote:

> On the web site I see the statement that the Committee expects to
> release the revised documents in late 2007.  As we are now into 2008, I
> was wondering what the current timetable is.  We are eager to implement
> the new version of PREMIS in our systems, so it would be helpful to have
> some idea about when I might be able to schedule the programmer time. 
> Also, is there going to be a period of final public review on the entire
> set of changes? I appreciate the opportunity that we have had to comment
> on individual changes, but it would be great to get a look at the whole
> thing together before it is set in stone. 
> Thanks --- Evan 
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