Please do and give that recordSchema the name DCX. In the European
Library this is used already for about 5 years. 





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Onderwerp: Re: Price information in SRU responses


Sorry Mike but you can't do that. 


Not if we're talking about the DC schema at:

There is no provision in that schema for non-dc elements.   


(We could issue another version of the DC schema to allow this, and if
someone thinks it's a good idea I'll draft it.)



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	Yakov Shafranovich writes:
	 > I am working on a SRU gateway for a book publisher. One of
	 > things I have run into is that there is no way to pass
	 > information in SRU without using the ONIX scheme. Is there a
way to
	 > embed pricing information in SRU responses using other
	Hi, Yakov.  Sure, you can embed whatever information you want in
	records transferred via SRU, just as you can with any other XML
	document.  Just add the elements you want wherever they make
	sense in the record, and be sure to put them in a namespace
other than
	that of the standardised part of the record.  For example:
	<dc:record xmlns:dc=''
	  <dc:creator>Hillare Belloc</mike:remitter>
	  <dc:title>Poems for Bad Children</dc:title>
	The problem is: how do you get the client application to
recognise and
	understand the extra information you've added?  To make that
work, you
	need an agreement between server and client about the format of
	records -- in other words, the client needs to know that it will
	just be getting DC records, but DC-extended-with-mike:price
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