Hi Lynn,

I believe the EAD list is set up to strip any attachment, since many 
viruses/worms come in as attachments.

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Re: [EAD] Oxygen setup instructions?

Lynn Lobash 
04/07/2008 10:11 AM

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sorry about that. going to try attaching again.


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Date: 04/07/2008 09:57AM
Subject: RE: Oxygen setup instructions?

H ello Lynn, 
The attachment did not come through for me on the listserv.  If possible I 
would like to see your instructions as I am in the same situation as Jodi. 

Thanks so much, 
Valerie Edgeworth, Librarian 
Kentucky Guide Program 
Kentucky Dept. for Libraries and Archives 
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Subject: Re: Oxygen setup instructions?


I am attaching the instructions I wrote up for our archivists. They are 
strictly for EAD stuff - validating, transformation and creating pdfs.
Hope they are useful.

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Date: 04/04/2008 03:50PM
Subject: Oxygen setup instructions?

Hello all: 
Does anyone have a good set of instructions for setting up and using 
Oxygen software? I'm writing a set of instructions, have some confusions 
about some details, and would appreciate any tips that anyone can pass 

Best, Jodi 

Jodi Allison-Bunnell 
Program Manager, Northwest Digital Archives 
Orbis Cascade Alliance 
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