Hello Kate,

Have you seen the work done by the Paradigm project? Perhaps it could be of
some use:

Kind regards,


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Dear Michele,

Thanks very much for your reply.  I appreciate being able to think this
through with some input from others.

The reason for going to that level of detail is that this will be a
collection with strictly digital access and it is one with dramas unfolding
relatively quickly, sometimes more than one in the same time sequence.  So
my thinking has been that the finding aid will be the most direct access to
that narrative (or those intertwining narratives) and that a sequence of
emails with the same subject line should also be capable of retrieval and
ordering by time.  The problems of discrepancies in time don't exist in this
collection because virtually all of the emails are going back and forth
within the same time zone (with one recognizable exception so far).  Since
the option of flipping through the documents won't exist -- a luxury that I
find hard to give up when facing a digital collection! -- I'm thinking the
least I can do is make sure the order is indicated by both date and time.
But I welcome further thoughts on this.

Again, thanks for responding.  Even if I did misspell "email" (doing too
much too fast).


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 On April 10, at 11:03 AM, Cruikshank, Kathleen A wrote:

> I'm working on a collection with lots of printed-out emails, many of
> them on the same day but at different times, and I'm feeling the need
> to indicate time as well as date in the finding aid.  Has anyone dealt

> with this situation, and if so, how?

Hi Kathleen -- Just out of curiousity, what is the reason for going to
this level of detail in the finding aid, rather than simply giving the
yymmdd ?  While the physical emails could/should be put in time order as
well as date order, perhaps the finding aid doesn't need to go to that

Also, note that the time/date given on the emails may not be correct,
since that relies on the sender's computer's calendar.  Corporate emails
are far more likely to be correct of course but personal ones may not
be.  For example, last month I got an email from a friend dated February
1966 because something had gone amiss in her computer's calendar, and
due to a bizarre glitch in my dad's email account it has resent me the
same email from him every November for the last five years, dated
11/24/02 !

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