Hello all --

This isn't about EAD per se, but it is related to archives and special
collections, so I hope you will forgive the slight OT-ness.  I know that
there are several specialized tools out there for various special
collections management and access activities -- tracking retrievals,
storing inventories, allowing web access, storing size, location, and so
on (Archivists Toolkit, Aeon, etc).   However, I'm wondering if anyone
out there is offering researchers/end users any type of special
option(s) via their library's regular OPAC, even something as simple as
"Ask a question about this collection."

For example, say a student does a search in the university's main OPAC
and comes up with 17 hits, 3 of which happen to be manuscript
collections.  They click on one of those and the MARC record for the
manuscript collection comes up.  Do you offer them any special (i.e.
unique to special collections records) links, buttons, options, etc at
that point?  If so, what?  If not, what do you wish you could to offer?

At this point the only "special" thing we offer from within the OPAC
record is the 856 MARC field with a link to the collection's EAD finding
aid, but I'm pondering if there are other things that might be useful...


Michele Combs.
Librarian for Manuscripts and Archives Processing.
Special Collections Research Center.
Syracuse University Library.
222 Waverly Avenue.
Syracuse, NY   13244