I would also use text and still image.  Steer away from "mixed material" -- too ambiguous.


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I use text AND still image since most ppts are a mixture of both. 
Mine are increasingly becoming more image heavy (and certainly from 
what I've seen on sites like SlideShare - 
- this is the norm...)


At 12:15 PM 4/14/2008, Rhonda Marker wrote:
>We call it text. We've not yet seen a PowerPoint presentation 
>without a text title, and in fact most of the .ppt objects are 
>textual with images and other visuals that supplement the text. 
>(Though I've seen how my teenage daughter uses PowerPoint and I'm 
>wondering when the academy will turn the corner ...)
>Laura Akerman wrote:
>>Anybody using MODS to describe presentations using PowerPoint or 
>>similar application?  What typeOfResource do you give them?  (Most 
>>are text with images - and some ppts are mostly still images, some 
>>are mostly text, some have a little bit of motion...)
>>Software, multimedia?
>>or one of the other types?
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