LeVan,Ralph writes:
 > Well, Mike and I agree about as often as he and Theo do, so this is
 > going to be a red letter day!


We just need Rob to agree with me on something now, and we'll have the

 > First, I don't think we should go down the path of creating a
 > schema in which we encourage folks to dump whatever useful stuff
 > they can think of.  It smacks of the bib-1 attribute set.
 > [...]
 > Now, here's where Mike and I probably stop agreeing.  I think we
 > should just go ahead and do what Theo asks.

Er.  Isn't that a bit of a contradiction?

 > There is NO easy solution for incorporating unexpected data into an
 > existing schema [...]

No, of course not.  That's what "unexpected" means!  :-)

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