Hi Everyone,
This is another in our series of webconferences introducing people to 
the vast array of materials at the Library.  The conference are free 
and open to everyone.  Please distribute to those whom you think 
would be interested.
Judy Graves

 From Monticello to Capitol Hill:  Thomas Jefferson and His Library

After nearly two centuries, Thomas Jefferson's library has again been 
recreated at the heart of the Library of Congress for all to 
see.  How did catastrophe vie with vision and innovation to transform 
Jefferson's library into the Library of Congress?     Join us as we 
take you on a virtual journey across the Web, blending a 
nineteenth-century story with twenty-first-century technical 
innovation to bring you online resources that are both the oldest and 
the newest treasures the world's greatest library has to share.

When:  Wednesday, May 14, 2:00 - 3:00 p.m. (Eastern Time), 1:00-2:00 
p.m. Central Time

NOTE:  Allow yourself time to download the small software plugin 
needed to participate in the conference.  Depending on your network 
security requirements, you may need assistance from your local 
technical support group to download and install the plugin.  Actual 
installation should be very quick, depending on your computer and 
connectivity.  All that is needed is a computer with an Internet 
connection, sound card, and speakers.  A microphone will enable you 
to speak to the group.

To attend, go to OPAL at  From the Quick 
Links column on the left, choose Auditorium.

1. Click the "Download Here" button in the light blue rectangle in 
the center of the screen.
2. Follow the directions to download and install the plugin.
3. Click the link in the orange rectangle to enter the room.
4. A gray box will appear with text asking permission to launch an 
external application, web conference plugin.  When the grayed out 
text "Launch application" becomes black, click the Launch application button.
5. Type your name (no password is required) and click "Log on" to 
enter the online conference.

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