Here's the code that opens the Table of Contents div at the left of the screen.  I'll be glad to send other parts of the code if you need it for context.

<div id="toc" style="overflow:scroll; position:fixed; height:100%; border-right:1px; float:left; padding-right:5%; width:20%;">


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Thanks Amy. I tried and tried to simulate the frames with divs and floats and clears and all the css I could drum up on Google. The difficulty was, the horizontal length of our TOCs varied so much I could never get any consistency in display. Please do send over you code however. There may be something there I missed.

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You can edit the XSL to produce divs instead of frames--some institutions (like mine) discourage framesets because of usability issues.  I can send you an example if you like.


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Thanks list.

Brian's concat worked like a charm. I suspected as much but couldn't get the syntax. Unfortunately, position() doesn't seem to be working in the anchor, everything is series 1,  so i may have to go with generate-id. So strange, because it works fine in the TOC links....

I am indeed trying to create a frameset. As 90s as they look, the people love the functionality. I am using eadcbs7 from the 2002 cookbook in conjunction with my own dsc.


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