Hi Michele,

It looks like we talked about this last August, and you said this fix "worked like a champ." I'm sorry if I missed a more recent email. Maybe something's changed with the perl installation on your end? Before we get started, let's make sure you have the current version of the script. I just uploaded a version with a couple of tiny changes.


Basically, it turns out that it was a bug in the XML parsing module I was using. You can try to upgrade XML::Twig with the perl package manager...hopefully it will get you to 3.32 or 3.33, and that should fix it. I'll also attach a copy. Here's how you manually upgrade it on Windows (I'm pretty sure):

replace c:\Perl\site\lib\XML\Twig.pm with the attached Twig.pm
replace c:\Perl\site\lib\XML\Twig\XPath.pm with the attached XPath.pm

Let me know if this doesn't work. Technically, you should get the whole package from http://xmltwig.com/xmltwig/ or through the perl package manager.

Again, I'm sorry for missing emails. I am pretty busy with other library development these days, so you might have to bug me a little sometimes. I really do like helping you all out with this, though.


On Wed, May 14, 2008 at 10:51 AM, Michele R Combs <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
If anyone is using Jason Casden's datenorm perl script from the EAD help
pages, and knows how to tweak it so it does not expand entities, please
let me know.  I suspect it's quite simple -- involving either NoExpand
or set_expand_external_entities perhaps? -- but am getting very vexed
with my own feeble attempts.  (I did email Jason, who has been very
helpful in the past, but haven't heard from him; he may be on vacation
or something...)



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