On Wed, 2008-05-21 at 07:54 -0400, Mark A. Matienzo wrote:

> I'm guessing (based upon Lynn's previous posts) that she's creating a
> frame-based transform, which might be a potential source of the
> confusion.

I don't think frames vs non-frames is relevant here - the attribute (@id
or @name) at the place one wants to link to should not contain the
filename or the hash symbol.

> In addition, I've found that using named anchors isn't
> necessarily prefererable to adding id attributes to XHTML elements
> (consider "<a name="whatever"></a><h1>...</h1>" vs. "<h1
> id="whatever">...</h1>" - this is particularly true because transform
> engines will often strip self-closing/empty tags (like "<a
> name="whatever"/>").

True, but I'm not convinced that this is supported consistently across
all browsers, and is only applicable if transforming to XHTML rather
than HTML 4.0.

> In addition, Internet Explorer doesn't handle
> such tags well either.

No, neither does Firefox :( I've sometimes found it necessary to include
a whitespace character within the body of the anchoring element.


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