Hi Sarah!

  My guess is everyone has slight variations in their EADs which do not
fit the software as written;  it's almost impossible to program for
every eventuality.

  We made quite a few changes to the XSLT in the {DLXSROOT}/web/f/fa
directory (where our collection is "fa" for finding aids), particularly
to text.components.xsl.

   However, I think we addressed the DOCTYPE and ENTITY sections during
preprocessing.  Any entities in the files which were not in the ead.dtd
(in our setup, that is located in {DLXSROOT}/prep/f/fa directory), were
added to the dtd or simply to the fa.inp file which is included during
the processing.  Of course, the doctype also goes into the inp file.

   We are removing the DOCTYPE in each file when we run the
validateeach.csh script (we also have that in the prep/f/fa directory)
-- which perhaps would need to be altered to fit your DOCTYPE
declaration format.   The line in that script which removes it is this:
perl -p -e 's,<\!DOCTYPE.*?\>,,s;' $file  > $file.tmp

  If your DOCTYPE contains carriage returns, this line probably won't
work, for example.  It's simpler to remove all newlines from the files
for processing (IMHO) -- it seems to simplify things.

  Hope this helps!


> Dear list,

> We are using DLXS to serve up our EAD finding aids, which we are in the
> process of converting to EAD 2002 from 1.0.  However, when we upload our
> guides, DLXS is returning errors regarding the <!DOCTYPE and <!ENTITY
> references at the beginning of the finding aids, among other errors.  Have
> other institutions who use DLXS run into these problems?  Were you able to
> find a solution or some sort of work-around?  We are using DLXS v.12 and
> will be upgrading to v.13 in the next year.
> Thanks in advance for your assistance,
> Sarah
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> Sarah Keen, M.S.I.
> Technical Services Archivist
> Division of Rare and Manuscript Collections
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> Cornell University Library
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