Hello all,

The preliminary schedule for the Society of American Archivists Annual
meeting ( was
released a few weeks ago.  For those of you who are SAA members and planning
on being in San Francisco, please consider attending the EAD Roundtable
meeting.  All are welcome to join what will be a lively meeting.

This year's EAD Roundtable meeting will be held on Wednesday (August 27),
from 3:15pm-5:15pm.  I hope that people's travel plans will allow for them
to arrive in San Francisco in time for the meeting!

At the EAD Roundtable meeting we will have the usual reports and will elect
a new vice chair/chair elect. If you are interested in nominating someone
for this position, please send me his or her name, email address, and
institutional affiliation, plus a sentence or two about why you are
recommending her/him.  Self-nominations are also welcome.  All candidates
will be asked to provide a brief biographical statement prior to the meeting
and to give a statement at the roundtable meeting.  If you would like
additional information about the responsibilities of the Vice Chair and
Chair, feel free to contact me.

The meeting will also feature several presentations on a variety of topics
related to EAD.  I hope to post a full agenda within the next few weeks.

Hope to see you in San Francisco!

Jennie Levine
Chair, EAD Roundtable