We have an import routine for importing EAD into Eloquent Archives
<>  which
supports online searches into the finding aids - metadata as well as

I could put you in touch with the programmer that set it up.


Merv Richter 
Eloquent Systems Inc. 
Organizing data for eloquent presentation! 
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Subject: uploading EAD into DLXS

Dear list,
We are using DLXS to serve up our EAD finding aids, which we are in the
process of converting to EAD 2002 from 1.0.  However, when we upload our
guides, DLXS is returning errors regarding the <!DOCTYPE and <!ENTITY
references at the beginning of the finding aids, among other errors.
Have other institutions who use DLXS run into these problems?  Were you
able to find a solution or some sort of work-around?  We are using DLXS
v.12 and will be upgrading to v.13 in the next year.

Thanks in advance for your assistance,

Sarah Keen, M.S.I.
Technical Services Archivist
Division of Rare and Manuscript Collections 2B Carl A. Kroch Library
Cornell University Library Ithaca, New York 14853 [log in to unmask]