A question for the collective wisdom:  how do you encode material in
non-standard containers?  We have a set list of "accepted" terms for
primary <container> element (Box, Package, Oversize, Mapcase, etc) and
secondary (Folder, Drawer, Reel, etc).  Occasionally we have items that
are in something weird -- a metal box, for example, or a camera case, or
a canvas bag, or a tube, or...

Is it better to only use the <container> element for a consistent list
of standard container types, and put the oddities in the abstract or
other descriptive element?  Or should one use the <container> element
always, even for strange things?  I can see arguments for both
approaches and wondered what others have done.



Michele Combs
Manuscripts Librarian
Special Collections Research Center
E.S. Bird Library
Syracuse University
222 Waverly Ave.
Syracuse, NY  13244