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We are promoting the idea of maintaining a database of "raw" data elements in a multidimensional database so that all the data relationships are maintained, but the data contains no markup codes. Then use the EAD export/publishing function that can be configured to your requirements. That way it is always easy to re-publish if there are changes/additions to the data or attached content. The data can also be published in other formats, such as PDFs or HTML pages. Or, provide public access directly into the live database.


I illustrated this process with PowerPoint slides and created a training video, which is available free at the Eloquent Website. Or, contact me directly.


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Merv Richter
Eloquent Systems Inc.
Organizing data for eloquent presentation!
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Hi there,


At the UK Archives Hub we are thinking about breaking up long descriptions

in order to make them easier to navigate through and to address the problem

of huge files (sometimes 4-5 Mb and over).


The idea is that a link within the EAD record could take the user to a more

detailed description - for example a description of a component within <dsc>

or a description of a child record. This type of link would use <archref>

but it would be useful for us to find out if any other repositories have

linked to fuller descriptions in this way and how they have used <archref>

attributes to do this.


Many thanks,