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List #08-17 from AFFTC Technical Research Library.

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Excess List #08-17


7th Symposium on Nondestructive Evaluation of Components & Materials in Aerospace, Weapons Systems & Nuclear Applications, 1969

Advanced Programming in the UNIX Environment, 1992

Aero-Space Applied Thermodynamics Manual, 1960

Bit-Slice Design: Controllers & ALUs, 1981

Computer Failure & Energy Shortages, 1979

Computer Storage Systems & Technology, 1977

dBASE Language Reference, 1990

Digital Magnetic Tape Recording for Computer Applications, 1973

Electronic Computer Memory Technology, 1971

Fuel Cells, 1961

Fundamental Astronomy Solar System & Beyond, 1974

Lasers in Nuclear Physics, 1982

Magnetic-Bubble Memory Technology, 1978

Physics of Computer Memory Devices, 1976

Problems of Nuclear Science & Technology the Soviet Union as a World Nuclear Power, 4th ed., 1980

Semiconductors 7 Semimetals Vol. 2 Solar Cells, 1975

Semiconductor Memory Design & Application, 1973

Solar Cooling & Heating Architectural, Engineering, & Legal Aspects, Vol. 1-3, 1976

Solar Dells & Photocells, 1975

Solar Energy Applications for the Home, 1970

Solar Energy for Heating & Cooling of Buildings, 1975

Solar Energy the Awakening Science, 1976

Solar-Thermal Energy Systems, 1982

Soviet Calculus of Nuclear War, 1986

Special Edition Using Microsoft Access 2000, 1999

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