Yes, this causes me concern as well.  I do agree that it's the right thing to resolve the Serbian/Croatian issue.  But, it's one thing to change a relatively small number of records (190,000) involving language codes that a small group of our users would know well; it would be quite another to think about fre/fra (almost 6 million records) and chi/zho (2.2 million records).  Both of those language codes are on the tips of catalogers' fingers and both of the codes are among the top 10 languages represented in WorldCat.  French is #3 and Chinese is #9.


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This is why we have to be VERY careful about changing these 639-2/B codes. There is no way that we would consider changing all 22 of them.

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Dear Rebecca,

Thank you very much for this information.
Are you also intending to investigate the possibility to change the ISO 639-2 bibliographic code for French ("fre") to ("fra") that is the ISO 639-2/t and ISO 639-3 code element ?  And, more generally to reduce the numùber of divergences between ISO 639-2/B and T code elements ?

Bien cordialement.
Gérard LANG

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The Library of Congress is currently investigating the impact of changing the ISO 639-2 bibliographic codes for Serbian and Croatian on our large bibliographic databases. We did get the formal request for this change.

We will be discussing this with the ISO 639 Joint Advisory Committee shortly and hope to send a response soon.

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> Dear Håvard,
> Mr. Bryden received the attached official request from the National 
> Libraries in Serbia during his visit to Serbia last week. Mr. Ugricic, 
> Director on the National Library of Serbia, requests that the 
> bibliographic language codes for Serbian and Croatian languages as 
> specified in ISO 639-2 be aligned with those used for terminological 
> purposes. Please would you follow up on this request and inform Mr.
> Ugricic (business card attached) as well as ourselves of any decision taken.
> Many thanks  for your help in this matter.
> Best regards,
> Mary Lou
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