To members of the ISO 639 RA-JAC,

The request was forwarded to me in my capacity as TC 37 chair, as well as to Rebecca/LoC as ISO 639-2 RA, from Mr Alan Bryden, the Secretary General of ISO. (It was also submitted to ISO 639-2 RA, probably prior to the time that it was handed over to Mr Bryden.) I am certain that the JAC will make a correct and well founded decision irrespective of the source of the request. However, it is of some importance that Mr Bryden is kept informed on a level that makes it possible for him to respond in a timely and approprate manner to any direct communication from the original requester.

I am enclosing a message that we received yesterday. I plan to respond to that message as soon as possible (and before a notification is sent to other interested parties).

We should take this issue to a formal vote very soon indeed; I can prepare it during the weekend. The vote should be whether or not the JAC shall deprecate the identifiers "scr" and "scc", leaving "hrv" and "srp" the main identifiers for Croatian and Serbian respectively.

The identifiers "scr" and "scc" will not be deleted or "invalididated". Indeed, if a system properly implements ISO 639 it should already allow "scr"/"hrv"/"hr" and "scc"/"srp"/"sr" as synonyms for retreival purposes. Whether a data owner wants to change old data or not, should be little more than a "cosmetic" issue.

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