If we would have a "USE" function, like in thesauri, we could in the future indicate:

scc USE: srp
NOTE: until 2008 scc in bibliographic usage has been equivalent to srb in terminological usage. as from 2008 users are recommended to use srb for both purposes. Nevertheless users better make sure that their system can  accept scc as equivalent e.g. in data exchange.

Would this not be a practical solution?

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---- Milicent K Wewerka <[log in to unmask]> schrieb:
> Regarding HÃ¥vard's statement:
> "The identifiers "scr" and "scc" will not be deleted or
> "invalididated". Indeed, if a system properly implements ISO 639 it
> should already allow "scr"/"hrv"/"hr" and "scc"/"srp"/"sr" as synonyms
> for retreival purposes. Whether a data owner wants to change old data or
> not, should be little more than a "cosmetic" issue."
> This argument could be used in favor of the elimination of any of the
> bibliographic identifiers where they differ from the terminological
> identifiers.  If we want to be careful in justifying a change only for
> Serbian and Croatian, this would not be a good justification.
> Milicent Wewerka
> Library of Congress