Hello All,

The request for a separate code element for Võro has come before this 
group in the past. It was "postponed" in favor of dealing with it at the 
level of ISO 639-3. However, the options for doing so are relatively 
restricted, because of its association with Estonian.

It is fairly clear that this does not meet the criteria for "chipping off" 
because (1) there are several works (6 of 205 by my research) identified 
as Võro (or Võrumaa) that use [est] in the 041 field just in the Library 
of Congress online catalog; and (2) Setu, a variety that is very closely 
associated with Võro (sometimes as a sub-dialect, sometimes as a closely 
related descendant of South Estonian; depends on the researcher) is 
declared by the MARC code list of languages to be included in the scope of 

This seems to be a candidate for a macrolanguage for Estonian [est] 
separating Northern Estonian (including Standard Estonian) and Võro 
(descended from Southern Estonian but not quite the same), possibly 
leaving room for other Southern Estonian varieties, if they can prove 
themselves sufficiently distinct.

I would like feedback on the macrolanguage potential before going any 



For your reference, this is the documentation for the current 639-3