The thing is that what WE do makes less difference than what implementers

But if the JAC decides to deprecate "scc" and "scr", that would in fact
"mean" this:
scc USE srp OR sr
scr USE hrv OR hr


Håvard Hjulstad
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Sendt: 30. mai 2008 14:02
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Emne: Re: Request from Serbia to change bibliographic language codes in ISO

If we would have a "USE" function, like in thesauri, we could in the future

scc USE: srp
NOTE: until 2008 scc in bibliographic usage has been equivalent to srb in
terminological usage. as from 2008 users are recommended to use srb for both
purposes. Nevertheless users better make sure that their system can  accept
scc as equivalent e.g. in data exchange.

Would this not be a practical solution?

Best regards