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As Chair of the IFLA Meeting of Experts on an International Cataloging Code (IME ICC) I am pleased to invite comments from the worldwide library community on the final draft of the Statement of International Cataloguing Principles and its accompanying Glossary.
In order to provide the appropriate review period and to schedule adequate time to cumulate, analyze, and incorporate comments before the General Meeting of IFLA in August, the Statement is being posted today on a public Wiki.  The IFLA Headquarters Office is closed for holiday April 30-May 5th, but as soon as they return we will move the files there and redirect from the Wiki.  In the meantime please link to: and view and/or download the Statement for your review; and please use the accompanying voting document for your response.
I thank John Hostage for setting up the Wiki and for his technical support and Ana Cristán for coordinating this process. I especially thank all the translators for preparing the texts for worldwide review:
Arabic: Iman Khairy and Ola Omar – Bibliotheca Alexandrina [coming soon];
Chinese: Ben Gu, LIU Suquing, LIN Ming – National Library of China, and WANG Shaoping - Shanghai Jiaotong University Library; 
French: Francoise Bourdon and Marcelle Beaudiquez – Bibliothèque National de France;
German: Susanne Oehlschläger - Deutsche Nationalbibliotek;
Italian: Cristina Magliano and Mauro Guerrini – Università di Frienze;
Japanese: {still to come};
Korean: Jaesun Lee – National Library of Korea, Tae Soo Kim -Yonsei University, and Jung Hyun Kim - Seoul National University Library;
Portuguese: Lidia Alvarenga and Márcia Milton Vianna – Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais; and for
Spanish: Elena Escolano Rodríquez – Biblioteca Nacional de España.
Their efforts have enabled that this review will indeed be an international collaboration.
Barbara B. Tillett
IME ICC Planning Committee